November 15, 2012

Introduction to this Blog

This blog is a continuation of the blog I started here: about my giant project of restoring a TVR Grantura Mk2a from 1962. If you read the old blog you can see that i started the project in 2006 and so far i have done quite a bit of work in rebuilding the frame, reconstructing the glassfiber body and rebuilding the suspension with hard copper bushing and much more. The project has been on hold in several periods but I have now picked it up again and have done some decent progress over the last few month.
I plan to write a bit on this blog about the progress going forward but I'll start out with a couple of post about the progress since I last updated the old blog. Keep tuned! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Olav,
    I hope you are fine. What about your Grantura? I am goingon with my project and I need an advice from you.
    I have just bought a full set of tie rod ends from AMSTER but they look to do not fit my tie rod ends.
    Actually the threads on my rod are not perfect thus I am looking for a tap and die female ring to work them.
    Do you know which is the correct thread used for the above? Do you know where I can source out a tap and die female ring for them?
    Please let me have your answer to