June 25, 2014

Progress! Paint done!

I recon most of you thought this project was dead in the water! I have to admit that progress is very slow but I'm very happy to have reached this milestone: I have finished painting the car! The result is decent but not to a professional level. As this is a racecar and will get war-scars this is, for me, acceptable. Here's the result:

I'm finishing up the painting of the interior, inner wheel arches, the underside of the car, inner side of the bonnet etc. All this with polyester paint made for marine use which gives extra durability and will protect from moisture getting into the glass fiber. 

Progress will continue to be slow over the next yeah as we have just bought a new house which will require a bit of TLC. 

BTW: when I rebuild the frame i realised that most of the rust had come from the inside of the tubes and not from the outside as I would have thought. To protect against this from happening again, I have injected half a deciliter of oil into each tube and sealed it off. I have used oil made for outboard boat engines as this has the desired characteristics.