November 15, 2012

Finally some mechanical work!

After all the glasfiber work, constantly having to wear a mask, applying filler and sanding down again and again, I really needed to get started on some of the mechanical work on the car again. I decided that the brakes would be a good place to start. The brakes where in a very poor shape. I have never driven the car as it was a basket case when I got it but when dismantling the brakes I had no doubt that it must have been a horrible experience. The rear brake cylinders were both stuck and 3 out of 4 pistons in the front calipers were absolutely unable to travel anywhere. I had to use a combination of chemicals, pressurized air, heat, and brute force to get them out. Here are some picture from just before i took the calipers apart. 

Through a local supplier, Classic Car, I ordered the parts needed to refurbish the calipers with new pistons etc. Lars Skotte from Classic Car was very helpful in figuring out the exact right parts to order. I bought new brake disks, pistons, new rubber kits, rear cylinders etc. Lars comes highly recommended!

Currently I've taken the calipers apart (that was actually necessary to get the pistons out) and have cleaned them down and given them the first layer of caliper paint:

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